At bookmyconsult we believe in the power and benefits of better health information. When patients and doctors come together, we can learn from one and another in engaging ways that are simply not possible when we’re looking for health information alone.Because online sharing in health is a new concept, you should be comfortable and confident that you can share securely and privately. This is why on bookmyconsult you can ask health questions and explore health information without also sharing your personal identity. We call this "secure sharing."How does it work? When you share health information on bookmyconsult, only you know who you are. Your identity is protected. Our community receives the value of learning from your questions and the information you choose to share, and you benefit from the secure sharing of others in our community. You can personalize your questions without revealing who you are. Your personal information and identity are not even shown to doctors, unless you request a Private Conversation with a doctor.

Our company culture respects the values of secure sharing. Our employees receive privacy training, and we’ve written our privacy statement in easy to read language. We’ve even provided additional suggestions for sharing securely and safeguarding your privacy when participating on bookmyconsult. Some members will choose to participate on bookmyconsult under their actual names, but this is always a voluntary choice.

Your Identity is Private

  • Your real name is kept private (and shown only to a doctor if you enter into a Private Conversation)
  • Personally Identifiable Information is not visible to other users on the site
  • Our privacy protection standards are best of class in our industry

We are Secure

  • We provide Bank-Level Security and encryption
  • Our website is verified secure by VeriSign, and is tested daily
  • Verification is required to reset a password